Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zac Robinson: Wounded....Wait...Not really

In a strange turn of events today, the internet "reported" Z Rob is doubtful for Saturday's contest versus Georgia. Everyday Should Be Saturday pokes fun at the situation and Joe Cox, however they were not the first to report the story. This afternoon, however, The Tulsa World reported that not to be the case. Zac Robinson, it would appear, is completely healthy and ready to ball all over UGA this Saturday. The OSU football staff actually said the rumor was, "completely, absolutely false." So...that's comforting?

Everyone chill out. The season is not over.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orlie Lemon: Wounded

Orie Lemon has torn his ACL and will miss the entire 2009 campaign. Expect Justin Gent to see immediate playing time and a lot of it.

More news at is develops...

Jamal Mosley Leaves Team...Youman Expected to Start (Updated)

In a shy, quaint, three-sentence statement released Tuesday, HC Mike Gundy has announced Jamal Mosley has left the Oklahoma State football team due to personal reasons. He was picked up by police in June for misdemeanor marijuana possession. There is no word if the arrest is related to his departure.

Whatever the reasons are, they must be severe to leave the team 4 days before the biggest non-conference game in school history. We here at Pistols Fire wish him the best.

UPDATED: His departure has something to do with a restraining order. Developing...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kye Staley: Wounded

This is old news by now, but redshirt freshman Kye Staley has a torn ACL and will miss the entire 2009 campaign. It is very unfortunate for this to happen to any player, but especially to one looking forward to his first season.

For more information on ACL injuries, click here, here, or here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oklahoma State Makes Cover of SI

There is already too much talk about the Sports Illustrated jinx and Oklahoma State's upcoming season. I should point out that Oregon, Penn St. and Ole Miss are also appearing on the cover of the magazine in three different regions of the country. If there is a jinx, maybe it'll affect one of them before us.

If we do lose to UGA it has very little (if anything) to do with a jinx and much more to do with hurting our Quarterback, a position with a sharp drop-off in talent.

Even this guy gets it.


Freshman safety Joe Mitchell has been sent home due to questions with his grades while attending Katy Morton Ranch High near Houston. According to ESPN's Tim Griffin, three of his former high school coaches have been placed on administrative leave as a result of the investigation into the grade tampering, record tampering, and misuse of funds.

I want to believe he had no idea this was going on with his grades, but how could any student not realize their grades are better than their planning or performance? Maybe I'm not giving these coaches enough credit for being vile. I realize Mitchell was probably going to redshirt this season, but these jackasses really screwed with our program...

Gundy is hoping to have him back by January, which means he is hoping Joe Mitchell can either re-qualify or get this sorted out with the NCAA by January.

Friday, August 7, 2009

USA Today Coaches Poll Released...Cowboys #11

The USA Today has released it's preseason Coaches poll and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are preseason ranked #11 with 861 points.

Florida, Texas, USC, and Alabama are the preseason top 5. Florida is near unanimous first place receiving 53 first-place votes.
USA Today Coaches Poll